Rough-Sawed Hemlock

We have most common sizes in stock.  If you have a large project such as a barn, or house, we can saw it out as you build it or saw the entire project and deliver it to your site.  We are also able to saw odd sizes to match special projects. 

Please call for pricing  We can email or mail a price list or quote you over the phone as well.


We currently have a kiln-dried, standard grade pine:

V-match – 6″ & 8″

Shiplap – 10″ and 12″

4-sided – 4″, 6″, & 8″

We carry 8′-16′ lengths

Please contact us for pricing.

Custom Sawing

0.30 per board foot      $100 charge if we hit iron **

You can deliver your logs to our facility to have made into beams or boards depending your needs.  It is a great way to use your own trees to build what you need at a fraction of the cost!

** We do our best to watch for telltale signs that there is iron in the log: however, because we must stop the sawmill and replace teeth on our sawblades, we want to be up front of the possibility of that happening.  Even though you have lived in an area for many years, it was common practice to use trees as clothesline posts or telephone poles or to nail notices.

Bark, Mulch & Woodchips

Bark Mulch

Dark, finely ground, softwood mulch, untreated:  Nothing like a dark mulch around shrubs and flower beds to put the finishing touches on your home.

– $40 per cubic yard – we load here

Delivery for all mulches/chips/sawdust

– Readfield/Mt Vernon – $10 (2yd min)

– Winthrop/Manchester/Wayne – $20 (3yd min)


Softwood/Hardwood Woodchips

Our woodchips are clean (containing no bark).  These are perfect for paths or around shrubs or raspberry plants

$15 per cubic yard – loaded into your truck or trailer in our yard



Shredded Bark

We debark our logs before sawing. What we end up with is a natural, reddish mulch that is a little stringy. This is an economical use for mulching around flowerbeds or paths around the lake or just something a little different.

$30 per cubic yard – loaded into your truck or trailer in our yard

Coarse Sawdust

We have coarse mixed sawdust. It’s about 40% hardwood and 60% softwood. This is perfect for livestock. We also have customers that use it as a mulch for berry plants. We can also deliver for a charge.

$20 – Pick-up truck  loaded our yard

$25 – Ton truck

$50 – Dump Trailer or Wheeler 

$100 – Tri-axel

$400 – Tractor Trailer


Pine slabs

There are two different slabs to choose.
* The narrow slabs are approximately 10+ long and 19″ wide
* The wider slabs are 8′ long and approximately 24″ wide

$75 – Long pieces

$100 – Wide slabs